Friday, December 19, 2008


We have a new addition to our family--a fish named Oscar. Brendan has wanted a fish for a long time. Tonight we were picking up a few things in Wal-Mart, and had split up. When I found my boys looking at the fish, I learned that Brendan had already picked one out to take home. I gave in and we picked out a bowl and decorations, and made sure Brendan looked at all the fish before picking the perfect one. He chose a beautiful blue Beta fish, and has been grinning ever since. Daddy helped him pick out the name. My child is racking up left and right this Christmas. Right now he's talking to his fish while he plays with the train. Too cute.

Dilemma Solved!

So, I have mentioned that our Christmas has been going by too quickly. I love to have something under the tree, but my boys think if presents are there they need to be opened. Well, my sweet husband surprised me with a wonderful gift today when I got home from work. (It was wrapped and under the tree, so of course we immediately opened it!) He bought me a beautiful train set to go under the tree! It was the exact one I had been looking at, even though he didn't know it! We went ahead and set it up tonight, and are planning to put some nativity sets under the tree as well. At least next year we might make it a little closer to Christmas before we open all our presents!

Monday, December 15, 2008

4 more days!!

Only 4 more days until Christmas Break!! I can't wait. School is becoming more and more insane with every passing day. Brendan is getting extremely excited about seeing all his grandparents (and getting lots of presents. What can I say? He's 3.) It will be good to spend some time with my parents. We don't get down there very often. Life just gets in the way.

Brendan was so funny today. This morning was rough, and it was a battle to get him dressed and to daycare. When we got home, I realized that his backpack had been in my car all day. I felt horrible! I said, "Oh, Brendan, I'm so sorry! Mommy forgot to take your bag in so you didn't have your sheet and blankie for naptime." He said, "It's ok, Mommy, just calm down. Calm down, it's ok." It was so cute, I could not stop laughing. He is growing up way too fast and becoming a little man. At least he's not ashamed of me yet. I dread when that day comes!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

12 days until Christmas Break!

As you can see by the title, I am quickly approaching a nice long break. I need it so badly. This semester has been crazy with new administrators, lots of new kids, and then Joey's sickness. My grad school courses have also been insane--more so than usual. I am really looking forward to destressing for a couple of weeks before it starts all over again. The thing I love about high school is that you truly do get a fresh start after Christmas. New kids, new classes, new beginnings--but not a lot of new planning, thank goodness.

Our Progressive Christmas is progressing a little more quickly than I would like! A couple of weeks ago my tree was beautiful with lots and lots of presents underneath. Now it is starting to look bare! I'm still finishing up shopping, so it gets replenished a little, but my boys make sure it doesn't get too full! Since I like to see something under my tree, I think next year I'm going to put a train and other decorations under there next year. Then maybe we will get a little closer to Christmas before all our presents are gone! But, don't hold me to it--I just love seeing the presents under the tree!