Friday, January 29, 2010

Big News

Wow, so it has been almost a year since I have posted anything on here. Hopefully that will all change soon since I'm having my second baby in 6 days!! Landon James Harvey will be arriving on Feb. 4--Brendan's birthday--three weeks early so that I can avoid having an 11 pound child! We have lots to do before then. We are having Brendan's birthday party this weekend, so there is lots to prepare. I have all his presents wrapped, and now I have to bake and decorate the Diego cake I promised him. Then we will have a couple of days to relax before baby time! The clothes are washed and put away, the bassinet and baby bed are ready, the bags are packed, and I am ready for this baby to get here. I have had an easy pregnancy, but I am still ready to have my body back to myself. I can't wait to sleep on my back again!

I am going to make a distinctive effort to be better about blogging. Like I said, since I will have lots of updates to share with everyone, I'm hoping it will keep me motivated to blog. We shall see.